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Saturday, November 22

Fox and Geese: Part 2 – Sympathy for the Devil

Knights of the Red Fist, mounted on screeching red monstrosities, crashed into the Bone Market. People ran screaming, scattering to the four winds as Vorlerath Demons, Sarishan Priests, and the Swords of Nier

Kham ran as fast as he could. “What the hell are those?” he shouted over to Sebastian.

“Melatorn Devils.” Sebastian was sweating from the exertion. “Demonic mounts. For the Knights.”

“Yeah I figured that out,” said Kham.

“Can’t you run any faster?” shouted Ilmarė, who had easily pulled ahead of them.

“Do YOU want to carry him?” Kham shouted back. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:18 PM

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