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Sunday, November 23

Fox and Geese: Part 3a – Brother, Who Art Thou Really?

Leading the legionnaire of the Temple Quarter and through the city was the equivalent of herding a small child. As they continued slowly through the crowds, a homely looking gnome struggled to reach them. He was dressed in simple robes that could have been white once, but had since grayed. He received several buffets from the crowd before he reached them.

“Greetings…” whispered the gnome in a wheezing voice through teeth half-rotten, “I recognize you…you vere in the Bone Market earlier…”

Kham stepped in front of Quintus, pistol ready. “That’s close enough, ugly.”

“Ah, no, I harbor no ill intent towards you...You did as you saw fit, as must ve all...But I thought you should be made aware...dat dere is more to dis dan you may know…”

Kham shook his head. “We’re just attracting all kinds of crazies today, aren’t we?”

“Ah, indeed...I vas vitness to de dispute in the Market there...and to your actions...I am...Brother Gavrin...and I have seen and heard many things...One of my...lesser stature…is often overlooked...”

Beldin stood nose to nose with Gavrin. “Out with it, half-breed. What do you want?”

“Dose dat you aided have dark intentions indeed…” [MORE]


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