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Tuesday, November 25

Fox and Geese: Part 4 – True Suns

“You’re sure this is it?” asked Kham.

Like most of the Trade Quarter, the buildings had shops and restaurants on the ground floor, with residential dwellings on the floors above. They had little difficulty blending with passers-by while they waited near the burnt-out chapel of the

“My sources tell me that the Confraternity of the Just Death has been seen poking around here, near their old chapel. Apparently they’ve been lying low, afraid of persecution.”

Ilmarė snorted, but didn’t add anything else.

After a time, a brown-haired man in whitish-gray robes slowly made his way down the street. With a quick glance to see that he wasn’t followed, he ducked inside the chapel.

“That’s our man,” said Sebastian.

Kham pulled his cloak further over his head. Sebastian did the same.

“Stay here with Quintus,” he said to Beldin. “If you hear any loud noises, hit people with your axe.” [MORE]


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