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Wednesday, November 26

Fox and Geese: Part 5a – Scouting the Corpse Gate

The place indicated by Gavrin where the Oathbinder’s clergy were gathering Touched turned out to be an empty warehouse near the Vein Canal. Outside, it looked shabby, deserted. Although the place looked run-down and abandoned, there were no windows or cracks in the plaster walls on the first floor through which to view the inside.

“There’s no windows on the first floor, but there are on the second.” Kham pulled out two potions from his coat. “And since the cat-girl couldn’t make it today, I’ll be filling in for her with a little help from Falthar val’Abebi.”

He downed a potion. Nothing happened.

“Jump potion,” said Kham with a grin. He drank another potion and disappeared from sight.

A minute later, Kham returned from his reconnaissance. “Shipping doors are sturdy. There’s a smaller entrance for employees to enter but it’s locked too.”

“Great,” said Beldin. “So how do we get in?”

Kham shrugged. “Something went down in there. There are Nierties trying to pretend that they’re the Confraternity of Just Death, and doing a piss-poor job of it. I heard them talking about waiting for a cart to arrive, probably with the Touched in it.”

“You mean that cart?” Ilmarė pointed at a horse-led covered wagon that was already in front of the warehouse. The driver got out and knocked on the doors.

“Ah crap, that’s our way in!” Kham looked around desperately.

Beldin pounded out of their hiding place towards the man at the door.

“What is he doing?!” whispered Sebastian.

“Taking charge,” Kham whirled to pursue the dwarf. “About time somebody did!” [MORE]


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