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Thursday, November 27

Fox and Geese: Part 5b – Scouting the Corpse Gate

All hell broke loose. The fireball caught the Nierites by surprise, incinerating crate and warrior alike.

Just as Sebastian cast his spell, Beldin cut the reins of the horses. The explosion and the appearance of the dark-kin drove them to maddened flight. The horses galloped forward, crashing into sacks of flour and knocking one Nierite off of his perch.

One of the Swords of Nier, who looked just like all his other companions, pointed at Kham. “Witness the full beauty of Nier’s glory!”

Kham tapped his lenses with one pistol-fisted hand. “No thanks, I…Althares!”

There was a blinding light, so bright that it felt as if it had ignited the back of Kham’s skull. And then all he saw was white.

The sound of an arrow whistled past his ear. “What now?” came Ilmarė’s voice.

“I’m blind!” shouted Kham. “The bastard blinded me!”

“Well get out of the way then, you’re blocking my shot!” she shouted back. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 10:09 AM

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