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Thursday, November 20

Fox and Geese: Prologue

The bitter winter was giving way to a mild, wet spring. With the midday sun blazing above, Kham found himself in the heart of Nishanpur; the Bone Market. Despite scattered damage throughout the city from the massive earthquake last winter that was still being repaired, life goes on. The most prized and expensive items from all over Onara could be obtained in the Market, from silks to swords, so long as the swords were of Sarishan Steel.

“I’m telling you,” said Kham over his shoulder. “It was him. I saw him with my own eyes.”

“Was this before or after you lost Vlad?” asked Beldin disapprovingly.

“After.” Kham’s head snapped back to address Beldin. “And no, I wasn’t that drunk. I know what Quintus looks like!”

“It can’t possibly be him,” said Ilmarė. “There is no reason for Quintus to be here. In fact, it’s the last place on Arcanis he would want to be.”

The Bone Market was packed with folk of military bearing. Nierites from all over Canceri have had gathering at Nishanpur, as well as Hunder, Vrain, and other sites where temples to the Lord of Battles were prominent, for weeks now. Within days the holy festival of Kindling Dawn would signal a celebration of renewal for all who follow the Judge of the Gods.

In preparation, many were buying imported foodstuffs for feasts, incense and animals to offer in sacrifice, and even extra slaves to help tend to guests during the annual gathering. Unfortunately, the festival happened to be the same week as the Burning Man festival of the Nerothians.

“Well, I know what I saw. And he was just shuffling down the street around here.” Kham peered through the crowd. “He looked terrible; beard and everything. But it was definitely Quintus.” [MORE]


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