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Saturday, November 29

Jack Frost: Part 3 – The Ghosts Speak

The investigation wasn’t going well. Jim-Bean tried to torch organic material in the restaurant, but it was unaffected. When he set the flamethrower to frozen burger patties, they remained frozen.

Jim-Bean went to bed hungry. That’s when he had the dream.

Jim-Bean saw bloody snakes across a frozen wooded landscape and writhing in the loins of shrieking women and men, their fangs dripping blood and poison. Glowing mists shimmered and swirl in the vault of an enormous cavern, coalescing into cold green stars. The stars were eyes, great, distant eyes, cold and malevolent and hungry.

Toward the end, an enormous mound of red earth rose above the trees and the writhing bloody snakes, sucking the stars and shimmering mists into its bulk.

Jim-Bean woke up, sweating and hungry. And all he could think of was Archive and his bloody finger.

He stepped out of his tent for a smoke…and bumped into Hammer. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 1:48 PM

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