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Monday, November 17

An Outbreak of Alchemy: Conclusion

Archive dreamed. He saw the All-Mother, her teats providing nutrients to all. Scientists in lab coats had great milking machines hooked up to her, and the milk flowed. It was disgraceful, to treat the All-Mother like a common cow. And yet, it was so right.

He dreamed of feasting on flesh; sweet, succulent flesh. The flesh of long pork. Someone offered him a hunk of meat on a plate. It was a human hand. Delicious.

The fingers were fried. He took a bit of the pinky and savored the taste. It crunched between his teeth.

A scream. Archive was torn out of his reverie. He awoke, drenched in sweat, in the car. A car alarm was going off nearby.

Archive looked out the window. The man had exploded from the impact, totaling the car. A few seconds later, another man fell, and this time he didn't hit a car.

People were running and screaming. Sirens wailed.

"Archive!" shouted Hammer's voice from somewhere. "ARCHIVE!"

Archive fumbled for his cistron. His fingers felt like dead sausages. "Yes?"

"There's an older man walking out of the building." Ko's image flashed on the cistron screen. "Stop him!"

Archive pulled down the window. Sure enough, a man matching the picture was walking out of the Equitech building holding a small black and white cat. A limo screeched up beside the car.

Archive discovered his pistol was still in his hand. He lowered the window and took aim. [MORE]


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