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Friday, November 7

An Outbreak of Alchemy - Part 1 – Ghost Drama

"Do you see that?"

Hammer looked sideways at him. "No," he followed Jim-Bean's gaze. He was staring at the fire escape door to the import shop. "What do you see?"

"Nothing," said Jim-Bean, "what’s up on that fire escape."

What Hammer didn't see was a translucent man staggering down a set of stairs, starting from the third floor and stumbling down, almost to the street. Although the fire escape was currently pulled up, the ghost image staggered down as if it were extended down to the street.

"Looks like a symbol," said Hammer. "Of a dragon."

"I think I saw that shop on the way over here," said Archive matter-of-factly. "Black Lotus Something…"

Jim-Bean's gaze went from the street back up to the fire escape. The scene was repeating itself. It looked like the ghost is being helped by two people down the stairs.

It was a phantasm, caused when a traumatic event was imprinted on the environment for future playback. The environment stored the energy created by the traumatic event and played them back at a later time.

“And why, exactly, should we be looking into this shop?” asked Hammer.

“Just a hunch,” said Jim-Bean. [MORE]


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