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Saturday, November 8

An Outbreak of Alchemy: Part 2 – The Black Lotus Trading Company

"I don't suppose anybody speaks Vietnamese?" asked Jim-Bean.

Hammer shook his head. "I speak a lot of languages, but Vietnamese isn't one of them."

Hammer hit the bell for service at the counter.

Archive looked around the shop. After a moment, he clipped a leaf from one plant, rubbed the wax off the stem of another, and combined it with dirt from a third. Then he popped it in his mouth.

"What the hell are you doing?" asked Hammer.

Archive spat out the contents into one palm. "Learning Vietnamese." He separated the paste into two separate balls and then plugged them into his ears.

Jim-Bean just shook his head in disbelief. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 5:20 PM

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