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Saturday, November 15

An Outbreak of Alchemy: Part 8 – Die Hardly

Hammer looked around in desperation. Security would be on the roof any second and there was nowhere left to go.

Fortunately, someone had conveniently left a mini-copter on the roof. He suspected it was for Ko, and that his original plans were to escape that way. Unfortunately, he didn't know how to fly a chopper.

Hammer considered struggling with the controls. If he tied it to the roof and got the rotors going, maybe he could crash it into the building…

That was too ridiculous, even for him. Instead, Hammer pulled a knife out of his boot and stabbed the gas tank.

Gas spilled all along the roof. Looking about, Hammer spotted a fire hose and unspooled it. He tied it around his waist. If it worked for Bruce Willis, it might work for him… [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:33 AM

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