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Monday, November 24

Part 3b – Brother, Who Art Thou Really?

“Tah dah!” shouted Kham as he led an expressionless man back into the back room of the Velvet Glove.

The booming legionnaire who had once been known as Quintus was unmistakably his old self. His hair was cut once more to military length. His beard was gone. Kham had even found a Coryani-style toga for him, although it was obviously not a military uniform.

Kham patted Quintus on the back. “Just give him a gladius and a cause and you’ve got your old Quintus.” He led Quintus over to the table and, with a gentle push on his shoulders, made him sit down.

Sebastian stared into Quintus’ unfocused eyes. “What do you think happened to him?”

Kham grabbed a bottle of Savonan wine left just for him. “I don’t know.” He uncorked it with his teeth and took a drink. “But whatever it is, we’re going to find out a way to fix it. There’s nothing a little magical healing can’t fix, we just have to find the right healer.”

“We still don’t know that it’s Quintus.” Ilmarė stood away from the legionnaire, arms crossed. “They faked von Grebel’s death with an imitation corpse. Who’s to say they can’t do that with a living person?” [MORE]


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