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Tuesday, November 18

Silence, Silver, and Secrets: Conclusion

The figure of Haron von Grebel stepped into view. Oddly, however, he moved no further.

“It seems I owe you a debt,” said von Grebel. “You have defeated Markeshia, the one who made me. In doing so you have released me from the servitude I would have suffered under her.” The stoic Nierite, now become something he never intended to be, looked over Sebastian with an appraising eye. He then retrieved a holy symbol of Nier from beneath his tunic. “Give this to Ashrem val’Virdan at the Temple of the Everlasting Flame. Tell him what has happened. He will heal you. Our debt is cancelled.”

Sebastian took the symbol. “And what of your bride? Will you leave her be?”

Haron paused as he turned to leave.

“Tell my family I am sorry. I will not see them again. They will believe if you say that I have been destroyed. Better that they think me dead – at peace and consigned to the eternal flames of Nier. I would ask that you tell them that, rather than the truth.”

“We will,” said Beldin. “I swear on it.”

There was a hiss of air, and von Grebel disappeared as quickly as he’d come. [MORE]


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