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Saturday, November 8

Silence, Silver, and Secrets: Part 1 – Violin

Swords of Nier flanked them at the bar. They had been heavily involved in the tussle surrounding Burning Man, and most of them showed it, with large bruises on their faces and hands where they were pummeled with ice and hit by the Nerothians.

“That festival is ridiculous,” spat a particularly striking young Nierite. She had red hair tied up in a bun and sparkling green eyes. “It’s an insult the Sword of the Heavens.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t attack what you don’t understand,” Vlad muttered without looking up.

“You know what’s going to happen,” said the woman. “The Nerothians are going to use it as an excuse. With that criminal that they broke out of prison, the heretics are going to rebel, I just know it.”

Kham pulled his hood over his head a little lower. “The Burning Man festival is just a celebration of life over death.”

“Oh yeah?” sneered the Nierite woman. “I think it was a symbolic slaughter of Nier! And then there’s the fact that we can’t find the Commander’s body…”

Vlad nodded towards a poster to Kham’s left. Kham looked over to see a sketch-artist’s accurate rendering of his face.

“You know what Nerothians do with the bodies of the enemy?” asked another of the Nierites on the other side of the bar. “They animate them…make them…do things.”

“I’d like to get my hands on that son of a bitch who murdered him,” said the Nierite woman. “I’d string him up by his loins and light his guts on fire.”

At that moment, Kham and Vlad locked gazes. Kham nodded his head slowly. Vlad took a deep breath.

What the hell? There was no way they were going to leave the bar without being spotted.

In one motion, Kham grabbed the Nierite woman by her hair and kissed her deeply.

The woman gasped for breath as Kham let her go. “Wow,” he shouted at the top of his lungs. “She really did set my loins on fire!” He hopped up onto the bar. [MORE]


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