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Wednesday, November 12

Silence, Silver, and Secrets: Part 3a – The Witching Hour

“Are you sure this is the place?” Sebastian asked irritably. Ilmarė had joined Sebastian and Beldin, having recently disembarked from the Bloody Vengeance.

Slogging through the dirty, narrow streets and alleys of the Corpse Quarter was an unpleasant task at best. Trying to find a single missing body among the surly inhabitants of the Quarter was like trying to find a match in a bone-bed.

“That’s what my sources said.” Beldin gripped his axe, equally aggravated.

Questioning the denizens of the Corpse Quarter didn’t help much either. No one had seen a body matching Haron’s description, and most of the shopkeepers and other public folks responded in a surly fashion.

“No sign of Kham either,” said Ilmarė. “And what of Vlad?”

“In prison, near as I can tell,” said Beldin. “They Nierites won’t even disclose where they are keeping him. I think they’re afraid of another rescue attempt like the one on Kham. He’s being treated as a political prisoner.”

“Vlad?” asked Ilmarė in disbelief. “Are we talking about the same human?” [MORE]


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