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Thursday, November 13

Silence, Silver, and Secrets: Part 3a – The Witching Hour

In the icy water, was a human-sized body floating face down. It was clothed in a torn and dirty tunic and leggings. The tunic was caught on a splintered piece of wood along one of the pilings at the edge of the canal. The body bobbed back and forth in the current, a grisly buoy.

Something small and furry crawled its way out of Sebastian’s robes onto his shoulder. “Dracuul! Follow those men!”

The little bat flapped off in pursuit.

Ilmarė frowned down at the corpse. “That’s not by any chance the corpse we’re looking for?”

Beldin reached down to fish the body out of the water.

“It can’t be,” said Sebastian. “And yet…”

“You haven’t even looked at the body!” Ilmarė found all of Nishanpur to be a disgusting mess. She didn’t relish the idea of plunging back into its alleyways looking for a stray corpse. “How can you be sure?”

“Because,” said Sebastian, wiping away the hair from the back of the corpse’s skull to prove it was still intact, “Kham shot von Grebel in the back of the head.” [MORE]


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