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Friday, November 14

Silence, Silver, and Secrets: Part 4a – Tale of the Body Thief

Von Grebel’s family lived a modest home, unornamented, but clean and in good repair. Sebastian knocked on the door.

A man answered with the look of a smith, with a strongly built frame despite his graying hair. A woman stood behind him, older still, her hair unkempt and tangled, her robes frayed at the edges.


“We have news about Haron von Grebel,” said Sebastian gravely.

“I am Yehumik Hatar, who are you?”

“Sebastian Arnyal, but that is not important. We’d like you to identify a body.”

“You have it with you?”

Sebastian indicated the figure in sackcloth draped over Beldin’s shoulder.

“Bring it in, please.”

Ilmarė snorted. To walk around with a corpse was inconceivable to elven sensibilities, but then they were in Nishanpur, where corpses walked the streets.

They entered. A young girl, not more than fourteen years of age, quietly seated herself on a stool next to the man.

Beldin gently lowered the corpse to the floor. He cleared his throat, indicating the women.

“It’s fine. If it is Haron’s body, his fiancée and mother have the right to see it.”

Beldin arched a busy brow in surprise. The older woman had to be von Grebel’s mother. Which meant the young girl was his bride to be. With a shrug, he peeled back the sackcloth from the body. [MORE]


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