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Sunday, November 16

Silence, Silver, and Secrets: Part 4c – Tale of the Body Thief

“Don’t look at them!” shouted Sebastian.

The shambling monstrosities with wicked, leering faces culled from the depths of hell, trudged forward with the patience of the dead.

Ilmarė frowned. “These are mere servants. We’ve nothing to fear from them.”

“It’s true.” Markeshia clucked her tongue. “Dese vere merely slaves. If they were truly Devil Kings, you’d all be dead by now. But I think dey shall suffice.” The barely clad vampire lifted her arms and howled.

When Beldin and Sebastian didn’t respond, the elorii looked over her shoulder. They were paralyzed with fear, eyes wide in color-drained expressions of terror.

“Oh, for the love of Osalian,” muttered Ilmarė. She pointed at her companions. “Leithia achas!”

The dark-kin and dwarf snapped out of their paralysis, gasping for breath.

“Now,” said Ilmarė, “do something useful!”

Sebastian stumbled backwards as one of the Devil King servants stretched a hand towards him. “Don’t let him touch you, they have the plague!”

The crumbling fingertips reached for Sebastian’s cheek but then stopped. The Devil King servant hesitated. It recoiled, confused.

Before the Devil King servant could gain advantage of its position, it was smashed sideways by Beldin’s axe.

“Get a hold of yourself Sebastian!” shouted Ilmarė. She knocked an arrow with her serpent bow and fired at Markeshia.

The vampire snatched the arrow out of the air. “You’re not fighting a mere human, elf. I have lived longer dan you.”

Behind them, near the doorway, a pack of wolves bayed. Beldin slammed the door shut with one foot, sweeping an arc before him.

“And,” Markeshia’s full lips split into a devilish grin, “I have many tricks up my sleeve.”

“That may be,” said Ilmarė. “But I have something you don’t have…” she ducked low. “A sorcerer!” [MORE]


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