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Tuesday, December 30

Convergence: Prologue

Groversville was a quaint town. Exterior advertising was restricted to rustic wooden signs bearing each store's name and line of business.

Hammer edged the Civic through the blocks, moving slowly.

"Is it just me," asked Guppy, "or is this place deserted?"

On any other mild Sunday afternoon in September, at least a few residents would be strolling along the cobblestone sidewalks and sitting on the porches and balconies that overlooked Skyline Road.

"It's not just you," said Jim-Bean.

"So I got a phone call yesterday," said Guppy, pointedly avoiding looking at Jim-Bean. "From Lisa Howell."

"Dr. Howell?" asked Jim-Bean, arching an eyebrow. "What about her?"

"We used to date."

"Oh yeah…she mentioned that."

"Mentioned that?" This time Guppy looked at him. "When?"

"On a mission," said Hammer. "Like the one we're on now. Let's stay on topic." [MORE]


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