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Saturday, December 27

Hidden Greed: Part 1a – The Village of Saeber

The village of Saeber lay at the bottom of a verdant valley. A large collection of two and three-story buildings crammed the village area, while small outlying edifices showed signs of steady expansion and growth. The village’s ten-foot high wooden walls clashed against the serene greenery. Village folk milled all around, patching holes and filling ditches left by explosions.

“Explosions?” Kham looked around. “They’re using blackpowder?”

The village showed signs of tumult. People in the streets rushed by in throngs, headed to the village square.

The square was a mess of people yelling and screaming at everyone and everything. Three middle-aged men stood on a makeshift podium.

After they spoke for a few moments, the three leaders of Saeber identified themselves. There was Drafnah, who had a worried look on his face; Lonnek, an older but keenly aware man; and Vanos, a stern-looking fellow with a strong voice.

“Everyone,” he shouted. “Please, be silent, we are awaiting the reports!” After a few loud bangs of a mallet, the village folk fell into silence.

Runners arrived with various scrolls, which Lonnek read quickly.

“There are no casualties and, as before, Saeber has suffered no significant damage!” Lonnek looked around. “I urge you to all go back to your homes and remain calm.”

He was greeted by shouts of, “No way!” and “We’re not going to just sit here and wait to be slaughtered!”

A tall, ebony-skinned man dressed in rich clothing approached the podium brusquely.

“We should form a strike force immediately!” he demanded in a loud voice. “We have to attack the ss’ressen before they have a chance to destroy our homes! You have been delaying the inevitable while we risk our lives every day that passes!”

Kham slapped his forehead. “I don’t believe it.”

“Is the Altherian a friend of yours?” asked Ilmarė.

“You could say that. That’s Pallas.” [MORE]


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