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Monday, December 29

Hidden Greed: Part 1b – The Village of Saeber

Kham was crossing featureless frosty ground. Aldebaran loomed ahead. It had slipped so low in the sky that it touched the horizon; one could step up to it now.

One could step down from it too. Thousands of stars showed, but they were not the stars Kham knew. There were others with him—friends, but they were just an escort, for it was only he that mattered. No Emperor ever performed an action to match what he was about to do.

He saw a bright, bright light and then a tall figure. His white and yellow robes moved in a wind Kham didn’t feel.

Kham reached out and, awed, he saw himself take it and walk through.

Then he woke up.

Skiz was sitting on the nightstand next to the bed, eyes glittering. “Bad dream, boss?”

“You weren’t sitting there all night watching me, were you?”

“Nah. You just cried out and woke me up. You okay?”

“No,” Kham reached out for a pitcher. Normally it would be filled with wine, but he had shifted to water when the inn was able to provide it. “But that’s nothing new.”

“Well, I’m going to go back to sleep,” said Skiz. The rat rolled over on the nightstand and his breathing became deep and slow.

Kham envied him. He struggled with the covers to get comfortable again.

Skiz watched him with one eye open. [MORE]


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