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Tuesday, December 30

Hidden Greed: Part 1c – The Village of Saeber

“Thanks.” Kham joined him. “So what are you doing so far from Altheria?”

Pallas grinned a white-toothed grin. “I could ask you the same thing, but I suppose wanderlust comes with being the black sheep in the family. Truth be told, I’m on business.” He instantly became more serious. “Speaking of family…I heard about Uncle Corinalous. I’m sorry Kham, he was a good man.”

Kham took a long sip from his cup. “We weren’t that close, to be honest. I went into a dark place when he died. Did you go to his…?” He trailed off.

“His funeral? No, I missed it. I heard that Falthar did an excellent job though on his eulogy. Are you planning to visit soon then? I know your mother would be pleased.”

Kham snorted. “I don’t know that she’d even remember who I am. But yes, I plan on making my way there. How are things at home?”

Pallas leaned forward. “Not well. The Ssethregorans have stepped up their attacks. People are talking about war.” [MORE]


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