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Friday, December 26

Hidden Greed: Prologue

The verdant hills of Milandir were truly a sight to behold. A signpost ahead noted the village of Saeber lay only a few miles up the road.

“Considering the sun will set soon, I think Saeber’s a good place to rest,” said Vlad.

Kham and Ilmarė shrugged.

“It’s your homeland,” said Kham. “As long as they’re not crazy cannibals, cultists, or have the plague, I’m happy to stay there.”

The trail cut across a small valley and then went high up a hill.

Ilmarė blinked. “I hear the sounds of battle.”

The clash of swords soon became unmistakable. Small explosions and hoarse yelling signaled a conflict. Once they reached the hilltop, there was no doubt.

In the distance, scantly a mile away, a walled village was under attack. Villages rushed to cover various areas, shooting arrows and throwing spears at a large group of reptilian soldiers. The ss’ressen attacked on foot while a second group, mounted on drakes, rode by and drew their fire.

“Ss’ressen?” Kham asked in disbelief. “Here?” [MORE]


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