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Wednesday, December 17

I Know Thee Brother: Part 1b – Rumblings of Insurrection

The disciplined Knights of Tralia stepped in to deal with the disorganized canton. Halberds came crashing down on shields emblazoned with the white and red shields of the knights.

Kham drew Talon and Coombs’ dagger. Hayden hefted a Tralian hammer.

“Think you can just shoot me and be done with it?” snarled Hayden. “I’m not going to die like a dog in the street; if you want to put me down, you’ll have to do it with your own two hands!”

With both hands, Hayden swung the hammer in an arc over his head. Kham blocked it with scimitar and dagger but the blow rattled his teeth. His lenses fell from his nose, revealing the whites of the val’s eyes.

“Fine, you want to play like a val?” Kham skipped backwards at another swing. “Let’s play.” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:28 AM

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