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Thursday, December 18

I Know Thee Brother: Part 2a – Our Lady’s Mercy Awaits You

They traveled northward into the dreary glade of the Faerdwalden. Even though Illiir shone in his glory of midday, the thick canopy of the forest filled the wood with shadow.

Vlad shook his head as he and Kham trudged along with Sebastian’s litter. “I can’t believe you shot Hayden.”

Kham peered over his shoulder. “The nut with the hammer? I didn’t shoot him. I shot AT him.”

They were walking along with the rest of the infected caravan, carrying litters of the sick and dying.

“There was no guarantee he would dodge the bullet.”

“I had to test his powers somehow.” Kham shrugged. “It seemed like the fastest way to find out at the time.”

“But he was out of his mind!” Vlad lowered his side of the litter.

Kham put the litter down and lowered his lenses to look Vlad in the eye. “Wow, you’re really upset about this, aren’t you? Look, the powers of the val are not something to be given lightly. I can barely control MY powers and I’m supposed to have them.”

“It would be just like the Sorcerer-King to twist the disease so that it gave humans val powers,” Ilmarė added. “With the disease running rampant there would be murder in the streets. Sort of like what we witnessed today.”

“That’s precisely why not everyone should have them,” Kham said with a sniff.

“Well I’ll tell you what I think: I think your high and mighty val powers made things WORSE. I saw those Milandisian cantons. I know they had the plague, but they were healthy enough to fight. It wasn’t until YOU used YOUR powers that they fell.”

“Are you feeling alright?” Kham put the back of his hand to Vlad’s forehead. “Got a fever?”

“Don’t touch me!” the Milandisian slapped Kham’s hand away.

“ENOUGH!” shouted Beldin. A hand axe whistled between them. [MORE]


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