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Friday, December 19

I Know Thee Brother: Part 2b – Our Lady’s Mercy Awaits You

They reached the Convent of the Sisters of Our Lady’s Mercy after a few hours. The nuns immediately began to treat the sick and separated them into groups in the convent’s courtyard based upon the seriousness of their condition.

After a short while, the Abbess walked out into the courtyard in the company of a man with a shaven pate. He wore brown robes of silk and three golden studs bound his beard.

There was a general gasp of astonishment.

“A Nerothian Canceriman, here?” Vlad said in surprise.

The Nerothian was shown great deference and honor by the Abbess. He walked among the ill speaking words of ritual that praised Neroth and supplicated his mercy. As he passed the poor victims of the terrible plague, his labored breath eases and several of them fell into slumber. [MORE]


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