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Saturday, December 20

I Know Thee Brother: Part 3a –Blinded by Prejudice

Shortly after dawn, Petru began his ministrations anew. The ill visibly improved as a result of his blessings, however heretical some thought them to be.

Petru strode over to where Vlad, Ilmarė, and Kham sat. “I believe I have saved de vorst cases. Vhere is your friend?”

“Beldin’s with him in a room not far from here,” said Vlad. “I’ll get—“

Ilmarė cocked her head. “What’s that?”

Then they all heard it. The sound of galloping hooves.

A small body of riders arrived at the Convent, led by a formidable looking knight of advanced years. He clucked his horse right into the courtyard. Redmantle followed behind.

The Abbess bowed to the knight. “Mighty General, how may we simple adherents of Beltine assist thee?”

General Oderic val’Tensen was accoutered in shining blue full plate. His magnificent warhorse was dressed in barding to match. A lance was in one arm a shield in the other. He was flanked by two other knights on horseback, similarly armed and armored in much less impressive fashion.

Oderic slapped his visor open. “Abbess Halfrid val’Ishi, explain yourself!” he demanded. “How could you bring this,” Oderic swung his lance to point at Petru, “our greatest enemy, into our midst? It is clearly he who has inflicted this great harm upon us!”

Ilmarė sighed. “Not this again.” She turned to Vlad. “You may want to leave Sebastian where he is for the moment.” [MORE]


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