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Sunday, December 21

I Know Thee Brother: Part 3b –Blinded by Prejudice

Kham rolled forward underneath the heavy warhorse, drawing Talon and Coombs’ dagger as he did so. He had to move fast; if the horse came down on top of him it would crush his skull.

With lightning speed, Kham slashed the leather restraints that held the knight’s saddle in place. He dove forward between the horse’s hind legs just as the saddle gave way.

Vlad faced down the knight to Oderic’s left side. The knight’s lance jabbed at him, but Vlad slapped it away with his shield. He grabbed a tanglefoot bag form his belt pouch and hurled it at the knight’s horse. It exploded in a sticky mass, bonding the horse’s hooves to the ground.

Ilmarė stood defiant before the other knight. She pointed at the warrior’s horse and said: Îdh. It fell to the ground, unconscious, pinning the knight beneath it.

Oderic slid forward off his horse and landed on his feet. “Fool!” Oderic drew his blade. It glowed with a golden light, singing a heavenly chorus as it was unsheathed. “I have no time for your tricks.”

“The Sword of Saint Lambertus,” whispered Vlad in awe.

Kham spun, but the warhorse was between him and the knight. He ducked just as the well-trained horse kicked backwards, nearly decapitating him.

Oderic charged forward, straight towards Petru…

There was a horrible shriek. Everyone froze and turned to look. [MORE]


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