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Monday, December 15

I Know Thee Brother: Prologue

Vlad took a deep breath. He knew this was coming. After the Nierites had taken over Cancer, they marched on Milandir, only to be ferociously repelled. “We’ve been looking for healers. That’s why we came here.”

Bruno, a smith who sat to Vlad’s left, chuckled. “Word has it that the only servants of Beltine left anywhere near the city are the Sisters of our Lady’s Mercy. But their convent is in Faerdwalden. Not that you could get to it anyway.”

“The Duke trapped us in here so he could burn the city to the ground,” sneered Hayden, who sat between Vlad and Kham. He wore colored lenses, like Kham. “Just like in Brechau.”

Vlad arched an eyebrow and whirled on the man. “That’s ridiculous. Where did you hear that?”

Hayden hopped off from his barstool. “Even know, Knights from Grozny Castle are marching to seal the city so that the Duke’s sentence can be carried out!”

“No wait a minute…” began Vlad.

“That’s right,” muttered Ilmare. “Next thing you know they’ll be storming the gates.”

“Yeah!” shouted Hayden. “I’m not going to let them just murder us and I’m not alone!” He whirled, sloshing a mug of watered-down mead. His arm was spotted with seeping buboes, a sure sign that Hayden was doomed like the rest. “Who’s with me?”

Raucous shouts joined Hayden’s. Men grabbed chairs and mugs, charging out into the street. Only too sick to move were left behind.

Ilmare shrugged as her companions fixed her with a stare. “What?” [MORE]


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