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Monday, December 8

Jack Frost: Part 10 – Tuckered Out

Tucker stepped into the tent.

“Well, well, well. Where’s your playmate?” He asked Hammer, ignoring Howell.

“Down there,” said Jim-Bean. “He’s investigating a shrine.”

“A shrine?” Six other armed men were stationed outside the tent. Tucker was already wearing a wet suit. The other men were still gearing up. “A shrine to what?”

“Ithaqua,” said Hammer. “He’s bad news. I’d be careful out there, we set some bear traps out too.”

“Bear traps? Out here on the ice?”

Hammer shrugged. “You never know.”

“Yeah, right. What did you find down--”

Jim-Bean’s voice shrieked over the comm. “Hammer, it’s Hodges! He’s down here!”

The ice shuddered beneath them, nearly knocking Tucker off balance. “What the hell?”

“Oh that can’t be good,” said Hammer. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:31 AM

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