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Thursday, December 11

Jack Frost: Part 13 – Purgatory

"Sector Nine, report!"

The voice of the captain on their cistrons was desperate. "Report!"

"We've got multiple hostiles, sir!" Gunfire crackled over the comm. "They're everywhere. The corpses from the locker room just got up…"

There was more gunfire and screams. "Fall back, fall back!"

Desperate commands and garbled pleas for new orders went back and forth across the comm. as Howell drove into Willis.

Lurching, frozen forms milled about, hungry for warm flesh. She kicked the vehicle into reverse, turning back into the forest to avoid the hungry mob.

"BLUE FLY command," shouted Lewis into the comm., his voice cracking and frantic: "JERICHO! PURGATORY! PURGATORY PURGATORY PURGATORY! God help us all!"

"Oh no," said Howell.

"What?" asked Jim-Bean. "What now?" [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:44 AM

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