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Friday, December 12

Jack Frost: Part 14 – 'Thaquafield

Howell pulled the wheel hard just as the jet impacted ahead of them. The shockwave from the explosion tore up trees and earth. For a second the Humvee was airborne as it flipped over and over on its side. It finally stopped rolling.

They struggled out of the Humvee. The forest was burnt all around them, but the incredible cold kept the fire from spreading very far.

Jim-Bean helped Hammer to his feet. Howell was unconscious. He pulled her out of the Humvee.

Hammer looked up. "Look!"

"I know," said Jim-Bean. "They don't have a chance."

The Jericho jets circled Ithaqua, firing again and again, but it seemed to only enrage the thing.

"No, there!" Hammer pointed to the colorful parachute of the downed pilot. He was hanging just above ground level.

They ran over to him.

The pilot was flash-frozen from Ithaqua's presence. His lips were moving slightly.

"What's he saying?" asked Jim-Bean.

"Fingerprints…" said Hammer, listening closely. The pilot lifted one finger and pointed at the location of his crashed jet. He looked into the pilot's eyes and nodded. He knew what he had to do.

"We have to cut him down," said Jim-Bean.

"No time." Hammer drew a knife from its holster around his ankle. "He's a dead man."

"Wait, what are you doing?" [MORE]


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