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Saturday, December 13

Jack Frost: Part 15 – Walls of Jericho

Hammer crawled out of the Jericho jet, pistols at the ready. Despite his hypothermia, despite the car crash, despite everything, he was ready to go down fighting….

Until he cleared the lip of the crash site and saw how many of the frozen corpses there were. It had to be almost a thousand, with some of Warner's soldiers amongst their ranks.

Hammer lowered his pistols and waited.

Ithaqua turned his terrible gaze upon them. Rearing back for a final strike, his frozen children watched silently.

Jim-Bean grabbed the Eye of Ithaqua and held it aloft. In a sudden moment of clarity he remembered his dream, what the shaman had said:

"Ia! Ia! Ia!—Ai! Ai!—Hgu!"

Ithaqua paused. Something wasn't right. Out on Crow Lake, the water bubbled. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:47 AM

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