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Tuesday, December 2

Jack Frost: Part 5 – The Howl of Sirens

Jim-Bean and Hammer dropped Howell off at the base. They scarcely arrived before the howl of the emergency sirens went off. Sprague summoned them to his tent.

“Fifteen minutes ago, one of the reconnaissance helicopters crashed while attempting to return to the base, probably due to the weather conditions.”

Jim-Bean and Hammer exchanged glances. They knew what caused the crash.

“We’re having the chopper defrosted now. I want you to go out there and find out what happened.”

“We know what happened,” interrupted Jim-Bean.

Sprague crossed his arms. “You can give me your report when you get back. Tucker is running circles around us and I want you two to get the jump on him before he gets there. ”

“But sir—“ began Hammer.

“NOW,” said Sprague, brooking no argument.

Hammer and Jim-Bean joined a chopper pilot at the recently defrosted helicopter. It was already gearing up for takeoff when they arrived.

Jim-Bean donned noise cancelling headphones. “Does anyone else think it’s a bad idea to use one helicopter in bad weather to find another helicopter in bad weather?”.

“Don’t worry!” shouted the pilot. “The designer probably wouldn’t be pleased with this method of flight prep, the helicopter’s advanced construction makes it able to withstand the stresses of freezes and thaws. Once airborne and powered up, the heating elements incorporated into the helicopter will be adequate to keep the ice formation down to a minimum.”

“That makes me feel much better,” said Jim-Bean. [MORE]


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