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Wednesday, December 3

Jack Frost: Part 6 – Quarantine

This time they had Sprague’s attention.

“The source of the cold was the arrival of this big ice demon known as Ithaqua. He’s summoned with THIS.” Jim-Bean held up the cracked Eye of Ithaqua, which was now frozen and dark. Archive had snuck it to him before being dragged off the site.

“That’s…a snow globe, you realize that?” asked Sprague.

“Yeah,” said Jim-Bean. “But it’s something else too. Some kind of artifact. And we think this demon guy is what is animating the zombies,” said Jim-Bean. “Ice zombies.”

Sprague crossed his arms. “Oh really. And you have evidence of this?”

“Errr…” Jim-Bean looked helplessly at Hammer. “Well, we torched them.”

“You torched them? You burnt the evidence?”

“Pretty much, yeah.” [MORE]


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