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Wednesday, December 17

Operation Tucker: Part 1a – The Ointment-Coated Fly

"All right, everybody ready?" The manager looked around. The temps were nervous. "Good. Positions!"

They jogged off to their positions. Caprice clambered up his caged mountain of PlayPals. The fence that ringed the bottom of it wouldn’t hold off an angry customer for long.

"Everybody smile!" The manager retreated to his office, which had a glass window overlooking the floor. His voice floated over the speakers. Insanely happy music started up, cheering the wonders of Wee Bee Toys. A giant bee character started rotating at the center of the store. "And here! We! Go!"

Caprice caught a glimpse of one of the Throwers across the floor crossing himself. Then a buzzing sound signaled the opening of Wee Bee Toys as the glass doors whisked open. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:30 AM

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