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Monday, December 22

Operation Tucker: Part 3b – Into the Web

Caprice pulled up to the mansion in his stolen vehicle. It was locked down tight, with safety shades pulled down over every entrance.

He tried to raise the other agents but had no luck. That meant they were inside. Which could be good or bad, depending on what they found there.

Caprice made his way to the keypad at the front door. He popped the panel off and hooked his cistron to the board beneath it.

With a little time, he could hack his way into the system. While Caprice wasn't quite as good at hacking as Guppy, he was still pretty formidable with code cracking, a skill acquired from his days in aeronautics programming. Code scrolled on the cistron's screen as it clicked away at the firewall—

SPTANG! A bullet ricocheted right near Caprice's head. He ducked and rolled, hands up.

"Down on the ground! DOWN ON THE GROUND!" shouted Bill, from Warner's team. He looked like a geek who didn't know how to wield the shaking pistol in both hands.

Caprice put his hands up. "Easy, easy. Are you trying to mug me? I can give you my wallet…"

"I don't want to mug you, I want you to GET ON THE GROUND!"

"Okay, okay!" Caprice slowly got down to his knees. "Look…I don't live here, okay? I don't have any money…"

"I just said I am not trying to mug you!" Bill inched over to him and pulled out a zip tie from his belt.

"Wait, you're tying me up? What for?" [MORE]


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