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Saturday, December 13

Purity and Corruption: Conclusion

For the remainder of that night and the two nights following the confrontation, the Festival of the Burning Man descended on the city. The night of the festival, amid the parties, fireworks, and debauchery, a strange thing occurred.

Vlad laughed as he read the tale of Baecinia’s testimony, written on the back of a “Free Vlad!” poster. “So they really made that much of a fuss over me?”

“Indeed, you became a symbol of Nierite oppression,” said Sebastian with a smirk as they descended through the grimy sewers beneath Nishanpur. “Being a Milandisian made you quite a flashpoint of controversy.”

Kham clapped Vlad on the back. “And it got the heat off of me for once.”

“Yeah,” Vlad muttered. “Thanks for getting me in trouble in the first place.”

“Don’t thank me,” Kham grinned. “Thank Sebastian! He paid for all those high priced barristers.”

Sebastian chuckled. “You can repay me when you’re back on you’re feet.”

“I didn’t lose anything!” Vlad was beaming. “They even gave me all my equipment back. I still can’t believe it!”

Beldin shook his head in disbelief. “Baecinia’s testimony was so perfectly copied word-for-word that the Sarishan scribes had to be involved. I wonder how much she HAD really paid them for the service.”

“It was worth it,” said Sebastian. “Anything that reveals the corruption of the occup…” he swayed a bit, “…occupation…”

Sebastian fell forward. Vlad caught him.

When Sebastian’s hood fell back, they could see that his face was covered in splotches.

Beldin bit his lip. “Sebastian’s been covering up his illness. He didn’t want you to know how bad it was.” [MORE]


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