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Friday, December 5

Purity and Corruption: Part 4 – A Smith

Kham returned to the others with a self-satisfied smirk. “Jurbe will go to the meeting.”

Sebastian clapped Kham’s back in surprise. “How in the world did you manage that?”

The val shrugged. “Sometimes you have to earn peoples’ trust.”

“And you know all about that,” said Ilmarė flatly.

“Who’s next on the list?” Sebastian asked Beldin before another argument broke out.

Beldin scanned the list. “The third name on the list is Angven Des. Hmm, there’s a Master Smith in Nishanpur named Harmon Des. If I remember correctly, Angven is his niece.”

“You know her?” asked Sebastian.

Beldin stroked his beard. “I know of her. Angven’s been working at her uncle’s forge, Harmon’s Harnessing.”

“Well since you’re a dwarf,” Kham said to Beldin, stating the obvious. “You handle this one.”

“Now wait a minute,” began Beldin, “just because we’re of the same race—“

“Oh come on, you’re a natural charmer,” rapped a knuckle on Beldin’s helmet. “It’s a woman, right? Say something nice about her eyes when you meet her.”

Beldin grumbled something under his breath. [MORE]


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