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Saturday, December 6

Purity and Corruption: Part 5a – A Reunion

As day began to fade into twilight, the crowds of shoppers thinned. A small numbers of early partygoers began to make their way through the city streets. The festival promised to be huge, in spite of the tension in the city...or perhaps because of it.

An older woman approached, crossing the market with a bit more ease than was possible earlier in the day. She had graying auburn hair and gray eyes. She walked with poise and confidence, her posture almost rigidly straight, and moved straight to Caius.

“Ah, are these the ones you spoke of, Caius?” she said.

“You must be Baecinia.” Sebastian inclined his head. “I am Sebastian Arnyal.” He began to introduce the others when Baecinia interrupted him.

“I can see they are,” said Baecinia. “Tell me, have you been able to locate our friends?”

“Yes,” said Sebastian. “All of them are going to meet you at the Ebon Steed at the agreed-upon time.”

Baecinia smiled thinly. “I hope Caius has negotiated a fair settlement with you for your services? Yes?”

“Actually…” began Ilmarė. [MORE]


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