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Wednesday, December 10

Purity and Corruption: Part 7a – A Truth of Corruption?

Escorting Nutesh val’Mehen back to the Silver Cage was an uneventful but stonily silent trip. Whatever Nutesh thought about the issue, he decided to keep to himself.

“I don’t know if this is such a good idea,” said Ilmarė. “Once her story becomes public, what course of action does she intend to pursue to try and see the matter fully investigated?”

“More importantly,” said Sebastian, “how does she stay alive long enough to find out? The Auotcrat won’t tolerate this.”

As they returned to the Ebon Steed, flames exploded out of one of the windows.

Kham drew two pistols. “Looks like someone got to Baecinia first!”

Beldin barreled forward with his axe into the doorway. Sebastian followed behind.

“Nierites!” shouted Beldin. “Don’t they ever give up?” [MORE]


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