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Thursday, December 11

Purity and Corruption: Part 7b – A Truth of Corruption?

“Your timing is certainly impeccable,” Baecinia said after the conflict was over. “I know I haven’t seen the last of them...but it is no matter. Tell me: did Nutesh val’Mehen make it back to the Silver Cage?”

“He did,” said Sebastian grimly.

“Good. Thanks to you, and our mutual friends, we have shelter and a safe way to escape the city. The message will come out, and in a way that no one will miss it.”

“Yeah, a real win for everybody,” said Kham. “I’m not going to miss this place.”

“Nor I,” said Sebastian. “I only hope what we’ve done here is enough.”

“You have my sincerest thanks. I’m sure we will meet again, and I hope that I will be able to aid you even half as much as you have aided me.”

With that final parting comment, she and her conspirators made their way down the street, disappearing into the throngs of evening travelers in Nishanpur.

“Can we go now?” asked Kham.

“Helac will find us safe passage out,” said Sebastian. “There’s just one last person we need to pick up.” [MORE]


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