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Friday, December 12

Purity and Corruption: Part 8 – And Justice for All

In an occurrence nearly unheard of elsewhere, Vlad was hauled off to the gaol in the Menagerie of the Red Fist. His gear was stripped from him, and in a matter of hours he found himself in a Court of the City, in the Temple Quarter. Nearly a week went by, with only a sullen guard who slipped him moldy bread and dirty water to speak to.

Finally, a Nierite clerk appeared.

“Do you wish a legal advisor?” asked the bored-looking Nierite clerk.

“How much?”

“A mere 100 Baht an hour,” said the clerk.

Vlad blinked. “I’m not sure if I have that much…”

Another clerk handed the first clerk a note. He read it, looked up at Vlad, and back at the note. “Not to worry. A defense counsel has been assigned to you.” He left.

Not one but four Sarishan barristers appeared soon after.

“Do I really need all of you?” asked Vlad in disbelief. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:16 AM

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