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Monday, December 1

Purity and Corruption: Prologue

The weeklong Burning Man festival was finally coming to a close. Tensions were high; the week had witnessed a series of clashes between the Swords of Nier and the populace. Everyone was expecting something to happen, but what exactly that would be was anyone’s guess.

If ever there were a night for strange events, the last day of the Burning Man festival was it. In honor of Cadic, everyone went masked, with many groups of revelers traveling around in gaudy costumes. Like a dark carnival, the general citizenry held lavish parties, and all social boundaries were temporarily suspended.

“It reminds me too much of the King in Yellow,” said the purple-and-silver haired elorii with a frown. “I don’t like it.”

“If something is going to happen, it will happen tonight,” replied her dark-kin companion. Sebastian smoothed back bone-white hair. “What better time for an insurrection against the oppression of the Swords of Nier to rise, than the night when no one can clearly be identified and nothing is necessarily what it seems?” [MORE]


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