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Wednesday, January 21

The Birdcage: Part 1 – Right Said Fred

The plane was a mass of chaos. Prisoners screamed, yanked towards the gaping wound in the plane but safely chained to their seats. They were the lucky ones.

One of the guards, the one who was inspecting the box, disappeared before he could even scream. The other guards, positioned on the far ends of the plane held on for dear life. The two prisoners in the seat that exploded were gone, along with their seats. The warning shrieks from the cockpit were audible throughout the plane.

Outside, Hammer could make out the terrain whistling below them. He got a glimpse of the wing. It was on …

“Fire!” shouted Jones, gesturing excitedly with his manacles towards the hole. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:28 AM

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