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Thursday, January 22

The Birdcage: Part 2 – These Are My Friends Now

As Hammer and Freddy ushered the prisoners onto the shore, a truck pulled to the side of the road. Ten Middle Eastern men got out.

"We need help!" shouted Hammer. "There's men still inside …"

He trailed off as he spotted the sub-machineguns.

"Man I hate being right," whispered Freddy behind him.

The terrorists fired their weapons in the air. “Where is he?” shouted the leader.

Hammer had tucked his pistols in the belt beneath his shirt. Now he was glad he did.

"Get ready to run for it," said Hammer out of the corner of his mouth. But when he looked back, Freddy was gone. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:41 AM

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