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Tuesday, January 20

Birdcage: Prologue

The last man to enter was shuffled in with pantyhose over his head. The guard patted the top of the prisoner’s head.

“This sterling piece of human filth is none other than Billy ‘Taste-Test’ Bean, a bona fide serial killer!” The other guards bound Billy into his seat with a cargo strap before they removed the pantyhose. “Billy’s a spitter,” said Bishop, to explain the pantyhose.

“How many people you eat, Billy?” asked Falzon, another one of the guards.

“Twenty six,” he said, staring with startling blue eyes at the guard.

“Keeps going up,” said Falzon. “It was twenty five.”

Billy stared at Falzon. “I’m planning ahead.” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:21 AM

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