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Monday, January 12

Convergence: Part 11b – The Flaming Cross Church

“You killed him?!” shouted Guppy. “You shot Adams in cold blood!” His pistol was out, pointed at Hammer.

Hammer had both Glocks out. “You heard him. This protomatter spawn wants him to spread the word. We can’t let—“

“Agents have been compromised!” shouted Wong. “Repeat, agents have been compromised! Requesting backup at the Flaming Cross Church.”

Dunbar opened fire, raking the pews with hot lead.

Hammer ducked down behind the pews. “I don’t want to fight you!”

Jim-Bean jumped out in front of Hammer. “Stop! This is a misunderstanding!”

In perfect synchronization, Wong and Dunbar drew grenades from their belts, activated them, and tossed them towards Hammer.

Jim-Bean held one hand up and one of the grenades abruptly changed its directory, sailing back towards Wong and Dunbar. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:23 AM

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