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Tuesday, January 13

Convergence: Part 12 – A Misunderstanding

They waited.

“Is it a bomb?” asked Jim-Bean.

“Would have gone off by now,” said Hammer.

“Only one way to find out.” Guppy slowly crawled into the lab.

All the ceiling lights winked out. In a second, however, light sprung up once more, although not from the ceiling bulbs; it was an unusual light, a green flash. It was only the three video display terminals, which all came on at once. Then they went off.

And came on. Off, on, off, on, off ... At first they flashed simultaneously, then in sequence, around and around. Finally they all came on and stayed on, filling the otherwise unlighted work area with an eerie glow.

Lit by the green radiance was a large, cylinder of greenish alien metal, featureless except for three network ports conforming to no human standard. The ports were connected to the computer terminals.

Six words were burned in pale green letters across a dark green background: WHERE AM I? [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:27 AM

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