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Saturday, January 3

Convergence: Part 3 – The Sheriff's Office

Hammer opened the door and stepped inside the sheriff’s office. Locating a wall switch, he snapped on the overhead lights, only to see a corpse on the floor.

Hammer read his badge. "Paul Henderson." Henderon's corpse had dark, bruised flesh. Swollen. Dead.

Guppy ran his name through the Blacknet database. "He was a Majestic-12 undercover agent."

"He's in the same condition as Hilda Beck." Every visible inch of the deputy's flesh was bruised. The body was swollen: a puffy, distorted face; the neck almost as large as the head; fingers that resemble knotted links of sausage; a distended abdomen. Yet Hammer couldn't detect even the vaguest odor of decomposition.

Guppy looked away. "I can't stare at his face." [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 9:53 AM

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